Who are we...

Tristan March is a music creator, audio producer and loves all things tech. He is the cofounder of MarchMade Collective: a platform for producing music, soundtracks and podcasts and a music producer in his own right under Tristan James.

He is the producer of the podcast Young People Giving Adults Advice in collaboration with Leonie Tillman under The Unity Project title. He also edits and produces a number of other podcasts across a broad range of subject matters.

Born in McLaren Vale, just outside of Adelaide, Australia, in the famous wine-makers region, he has been avidly involved in the film, theatre and music scenes as a music director, musician and audio producer.

He has a keen desire to unite people with his music and particularly in working with Young People to give them life skills and direction.

Leonie Tillman is a corporate communications professional with a background in linguistics, story development and dramaturgy. She consults and advises on intercultural, conflict, communication strategies and the development of training programs within multinational organisations in Australia and abroad.

She and Tristan March recently launched the podcast Young People Giving Adults Advice under The Unity Project title. Here, she interviewed over 20 young people on their thoughts about life, love and leadership.

Born in Sydney, Australia, she lived and worked in France and the Netherlands for five years. This is where she began her journey of cultural enquiry and has since been dedicated to building more effective lines of communication, stronger unity and inclusive language within organisations such as PwC, Deloitte and Bank of China.

She is strongly engaged in the French and Chinese communities in Australia. She currently lectures at the University of New South Wales in intercultural communication for international professionals working in Australia.